Scott Seaton is running for the Augusta County Board of Supervisors, Wayne District.

Scott is no stranger to the area. As a twenty year resident and physician of Augusta County, Scott is excited about the opportunity to listen and serve area residents.

Learn more about what to expect from Scott’s leadership below.

Scott is Pro-Taxpayer.
  • Promoting common sense spending limits
  • Searching for cost savings in the budget
  • Placing limits on taxes such as expiration clauses
Scott is Pro-Education.
  • Supporting increased school safety
  • Rewarding teacher quality
  • Improving teacher retention and recruitment’
  • Working with the school board to establish educational priorities
  • Promoting educational resources at Blue Ridge Community College and Valley Votech
Scott is Pro-Economic Development.
  • Promoting business expansion
  • Recruiting businesses
  • Making our county small business friendly
  • Reducing government regulations sensibly

What Area Residents Have to Say About Scott

I have known Scott for a number of years now, and he has been an active leader both in the Republican party and the community...I am proud to endorse Scott as he will be a great addition to the Augusta Board of Supervisors.

Delegate Ronnie Campbell(R – Rockbridge)

Scott Seaton will make an outstanding team member to the Augusta County Board of Supervisors. Scott's analytical mind will dig deep into the issues and then come up with a common sense solution. Like in business, money matters and so does our tax dollars. Scott will be a true conservative and make every penny count. Wayne District will be luck to have Scott on their side.

Scott Cline

As a physician and leader, Scott Seaton has provided great value to his community. He is a committed conservative with the right ideas to help Augusta County prosper.

Congressman Ben Cline(R)