The Wayne District of Augusta County stretches from the edges of Waynesboro and Skyline Drive in the East through Fishersville to Staunton in the West, and north of Interstate-64 to Hermitage and Dooms.  Augusta Health, one of the highest rated hospitals of its size, is located in this district. This hospital and Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center are the two largest employers in the district.  Our district is filled with commercial and agricultural enterprises.

I am running for the Augusta County Board of Supervisors for the Wayne District.  I have a budget of $9,000 to get elected and would appreciate any help you can provide.  If you can’t donate please join my team and consider recruiting at least 10 of your friends from the Wayne District to vote for me.

As a physician, I will bring to the board of supervisors my skills of listening and asking questions to solve complex issues that involve the county, to protect taxpayers, to improve education, to promote the health of the residents, and to maintain our agricultural pro-business identity.

If elected as the Wayne District Supervisor, I will be here to listen and serve you.  If you have any concerns that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Scott Seaton

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